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God's Purpose

There was also the question of what God wanted me to do. What was my calling? Some people might have thought that working with children might have been obvious, but it wasn't to me. To me, the fact that I enjoyed working with children was not sufficient. I was being stubborn and kept looking elsewhere (several areas in fact). Despite this, God kept leading me back to working with children. I'm far from perfect (I still have a stubborn streak), but I have learnt that doing God's will is easier than not!

There have been a few challenges to my confidence, but each time (if I ask Him) God has given me an image to help me. There are still times I try to do things without God's help, but these usually don't go that well until I turn to God. There are times that I do things I should not do, and at such times God helps me focus on what is good instead. I have learnt that I'm here for God.