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God's Gifts

Another tension area (that is apparently quite common) was speaking in Tongues. Being an feeling type of person, I found it hard to work out how to put some things into words of prayer. I knew I couldn't speak in Tongues, and the mere thought of attempting it caused me to clam up. God sorted that one out by catching me unawares. Whilst praying for someone at kinship I suddenly became aware that I couldn't understand a word I was saying, and I knew it didn't matter.

Then there was the question of how I could hear God effectively. This became answered at New Wine in 1999, after a seminar on hearing God through pictures, I was given a very specific image during the praying in our small groups. The picture was of a house being locked and padlocked and it was for one of those in the group (who I didn't know). When I asked her, she said that she had just left her house to live abroad for three years and she was leaving the UK after New Wine. She was concerned over renting her home. Now I know that God can speak through images, although I might not always receive them correctly.