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New Life

Andrea, my children and I went to live in California for a year. We found a Vineyard church out there that seemed like Spring Harvest every week! Church was enjoyable. During the year I started to appreciate the world around me more. Work became less important. I could no longer get my security and confidence from my job. My priorities were changing. Towards the end of the year out there I became aware how mismatched my priorities were from what they should be. I lost my pride in my work, I lost my arrogance, I lost my confidence, I became depressed. I used to take pride in the fact that I wasn't very emotional. This was gone. I became very emotional and my emotions were out of control! This was hard on those around me, particularly Andrea. Two close friends, Liz and Stuart, were very supportive during that time and helped both Andrea and I.

God had to break me before he could remake me. On 4th October 1998, Andrea and I went along to a Sunday morning service at Lakeview Vineyard (now Reading Vineyard). Although I had felt the presence of the Spirit before, I had not experienced it to the point where the only thing that mattered was God. God had moved to the top of my priority list. I was still emotionally unstable, but God was on the case. I found that I had to trust God more and more. I could no longer do things of my own accord. I started to rebuild my life on God. I now know who the Holy Spirit is.