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I remember when Alexander (our fourth child) had a problem with his elbow becoming relocated (a bit like dislocated, but the bone joint moves into the wrong position and locks). This normally requires a trained doctor to push it back in place. We were told that each time it comes out of joint, it would weaken it. However, one particular Sunday I got called out of church (to the crèche). I took Alexander down to casualty where he was checked by the nurse and confirmed to have the problem again.

After about three-quarters of an hour, I knew the main service back at the church would have finished and that they would probably pray for Alexander during the ministry time (which they did). I thought I would join them (whilst I stood by the door of the play area). Within five minutes, Alexander lifted his other arm and was running around everywhere. He was climbing under and over the chairs in the casualty waiting area. He was so full of energy I couldn't calm him down. I lasted another five minutes before I had to ask reception if I could check him out again! At first they said I couldn't, until I pointed towards a rather energetic child. This was obviously very unorthodox and they had no procedure for it, but they let me take Alexander home after consulting with the nurse. I became more confident that prayer made a difference!