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Priority In Life

I particularly remember one session at Spring Harvest when the priorities of life were given as God, Spouse, Children, Work and then Church. At the time I just picked up that it meant it was okay that Work took priority over Church. What I didn't pick up was the rest of the priority list. In practice, because I got my confidence from my work, my priorities had become Work, Spouse, Children, Church, and then God.

A few years later there was a set of "Life in the Spirit" sessions at a local church that Andrea and I went along to. Although I found them interesting, I didn't understand the excitement that Andrea seemed to have over them. It seemed that she had changed and I couldn't understand why.

Andrea was then pregnant with our third child. But at twenty-two and a half weeks into the pregnancy, things started to go wrong. Luke died and Andrea nearly died too. My whole life seemed to be falling apart. I remember crying out to God, Why? Why did he want to take away a servant of his that had so much to offer other people?

Prayer became a more important part of my life. I didn't know if God would answer prayer, but it would do no harm.