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Return To Church

Since my childhood, I had little involvement with church again (other than the odd Christmas, Easter, etc) until Andrea was expecting Sarah (our first child). Andrea then suggested we should start going to church again so that we could bring up our children as Christians. I was happy with the idea and went along with it (although breaking the habit of sleeping in on Sundays was difficult at first). After all, although I probably didn't have much more I could learn, my children would have (spot the arrogance). The services did seem less boring that I recalled as a child, but at times I did still measure their progress by the inch.

The church we attended had a group going along to Spring Harvest (a large Christian conference in Minehead), so Andrea, my children and I went along. I became aware that there might be more to learn about this Christianity than I originally thought. There seemed to be a lot of people that had some real experience of it. Even miracles seemed to happen.