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Youth Years
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Youth Years

I started attending a Christian youth group, which was more interesting and included discussion of relevant topics. Eventually I built up the courage to ask mum if I could stop going to church. She agreed providing I continued to go to the youth group. I started to learn that there might be more than just history to Christianity. I still had a lot of unanswered questions, such as "Who is the Holy Spirit?", "What was the purpose of speaking in Tongues?", etc. I recall having quite a long discussion with someone when they said that they thought Jesus was just a clever teacher. I remember arguing Jesus' death and resurrection proved his divine nature. At the time I didn't appreciate that there may have been another reason for his death!

By the time I went to university, I'd concluded that I probably wouldn't learn any more about Christianity, so there was little point in joining the Christian Union or attending church. Whilst at university, my purpose in life was just to enjoy myself. Once I'd left university, work became my purpose in life.